Nowadays, the choice of aluminum doors for houses is always interested by homeowners and Cozy door is on the top of those choices, as Cozydoor can meet any demands by withstand weather products with very economical prices. There are a variety of colors and qualities of aluminum windows and doors in the market. Here are some guidelines to help homeowners can find the type of aluminum they expect.


Aluminum windows and doors are made of aluminum profiles, accessories, metal and glass. Homeowners need to pay attention to aluminum profile to get a good quality and durable aluminum window and door. A good window and door will use an extruded aluminum which is also known as aluminum series for making window and door (which different from thing and weak aluminum box). On the aluminum sections have cavities and ribs to add stiffness and resistance to torque. Ditches and technical walls in the aluminum structure create the drainage channels, empty compartment, soundproof and heat insulation. The aluminum profile haves a heat-insulation can be better in soundproof and heat insulation. This design also helps creating occlusion when opening the door to the door frame. The aluminum profile bars make the windows and doors good strength to be selected as the main doors, windows… of the high buildings. Aluminum profiles which have processed surfaces and powder coating will have high durability; keep the color and structure of the windows and doors even in the extreme weather conditions. A good aluminum profile bar will have thickness, intensity, and oxidized surface standard. The thickness of the aluminum window and door should not less than 1.2mm, the oxidized surface thickness is not less than 0.01mm.


Aluminum glass windows and doors bring a luxury beauty to the house. There are many types of glass such as tempered safety glass, semi tempered safety glass, safety glass, reflective glass, soundproof glass, heat-insulation glass…It depends on the intended uses that the homeowners can choose different types of glass. The advice for owners is to select the type of aluminum windows and doors with tempered safety glass because the high buildings or houses must often bear the sock of the external and internal environments. This type of glass is the perfect choice for buildings, especially high buildings. The tempered safety glass is processed through the furnace for rapid quenching by pneumatically which creates a surface tension, this helps to increase the bearing capacity, anti-impact force and heavy loads. This tempered safety glass has higher strength than others ordinary glass, which has the same thickness, 4 or 5 times. The high buildings have wall areas exposing to the sunshine which cost much for energy cost and are conditional systems. Aluminum glass windows and doors receive the sunlight will help saving energy costs for building. In particular, aluminum windows and doors and large glass aluminum wall with soundproof, heat-insulation and safety glass are the effective solution and provide cost-efficient. Besides, this glass can be used for walls, curtain walls, bathroom glass… 

  • Processing technology

Aluminum materials have light weight, good strength, hardness standards and high aesthetic. However, to achieve have those above things there must be a team with high skills and many years of experience. In addition, manufactures must have modern technologies, especially outdoor aluminum windows and doors which have processing technology must be at the 

forefront. Because the windows and doors can be influenced by the effects of the environment, they can crack, fall and not resist to storm. To ensure to buy good aluminum windows and doors, it should be chosen by the reputable stores and are designed according to the advanced technologies.

Nhan Thanh Phat Company puts the quality criteria on the top, imports European materials and applies modern technologies of advanced countries for the production process. The company has the engineer team which has many experience years, specific train, and training program with foreign specialists, especially Japanese experts. The combination of modern technology and skilled engineers ensure to bring to customers the best quality products. Therefore, for many years, Cozydoor has been being met the rigorous demands of customers across the country and abroad such as Korea, Cambodia, China, France, Thailand…