Story of Cozydoor – COZYDOOR Aluminum Profile

Story of Cozydoor – COZYDOOR Aluminum Profile


Cozydoor aluminum profiles are the result of many years of manufacturing, learning the experience of the world’s leading aluminum manufacturers. Cozydoor aluminum profiles are accredited by European standards and are trusted by investors for their projects.

Quality standards

Aluminum profiles are preferred from homes to offices, villas or buildings. They help reduce construction weight, save costs and extend longevity. In terms of properties for machining; Aluminum profiles can be machined in many forms such as: cutting, drilling, grinding, so it is very convenient to build. In the production and use phase; Aluminum profiles also help to save energy; less polluting environment.
To have a good profile bar; You have to check the standards including: intensity, thickness and extra oxidation network on the surface. With many years of experience in producing accessories for high-grade aluminum doors, Cozydoor profiles have a thickness not less than 1.6mm (1.6mm to 2mm depending on the type), thickness of the oxidation network is not less than 0.01mm . On the cutting section of the aluminum also has many grooves, tendons and folds to increase the hardness, increase the ability to bear, to close the door when opening. The aluminum bar is crisp, the bars are beautifully drawn.
Aluminum profiles are heated from production to increase heat resistance, not deformed at temperatures <1000 ° C, limit spread of fire to other areas. This is the superiority of the aluminum profile bar compared to other profile bars such as uPVC profiles. This feature makes the profile even more suitable for kitchen spaces. Cozydoor aluminum profiles are always subject to stringent quality standards before being sold on the market. Customers are guaranteed all products to ensure quality.

Advanced technology

The advanced European aluminum profile production technology and aluminum profile machining are imported directly from Germany; America; Japan and Italy. Aluminum bars are produced by strict extrusion line technology; Surface treated and coated by Ande or electrostatic paint. Profile bars are dried in the furnace to produce a smooth texture; and technically guaranteed and weather-resistant. According to experts with hot weather humidity as much as Vietnam; The selection of aluminum profiles for the door is the best option. Thanks to modern technology; aluminum bars after the “oven” is always glossy; not scratched or warped; The use of durable color at the same time. The color of Cozydoor aluminum is varied so that the homeowners can easily select the color of the house, such as white, brown, orange, wood (dark wood, light wood wood grain).
Existing aluminum doors use only extruded aluminum profiles (aluminum panels) to make the door panels different from thin and weak aluminum foils. The most popular are aluminum 900; and aluminum castings. And depending on the advantages of each type of aluminum; They are used for processing of various products. Such as aluminum foil with a tolerance of 700 mm hammock; used as a door or window; sliding door.
In 2010, meeting the market demand; Cozydoor also expanded its aluminum profile production facility. Each year; team of engineers; Employees and workers are also trained by foreign experts. With the most technically advanced features; fine art, cost; Today, the Cozydoor brand is one of the reputable profile manufacturers in Vietnam and imported to some countries. In addition to manufacturing, Cozydoor staff also advises you on how to choose quality profiles or high quality aluminum door products.