Recently, Cozydoor premium wood aluminum door products launched the door glass aluminum glass with modern manufacturing technology in accordance with European standards. The door is high durability, luxurious design, help to enhance the beauty of the house, buildings, hotels, resorts …

Wood Aluminum Door: The perfect combination

Today’s door is not just the entrance or the connecting rooms, but also the aesthetic of the house. In the current type of door aluminum is considered to be durable and wooden doors are preferred because of the aesthetics. However, each type of door has its own features, favors points and defects. Therefore, the introduction of aluminum door is considered a perfect step, to enhance the advantages and disadvantages of materials.

Wooden doors help to enhance the beauty of the house and contribute to giving people a friendly and warm feeling. In addition, the interior furniture is often made of wood should use the appropriate wooden door, creating harmony for living space. According to feng shui, wooden doors, wood furniture also bring fortune, prosperity for homeowners. This is why this type of door is always preferred and become a valuable item.

Luxury wooden doors but easily affected by the weather

However, the disadvantage of the wooden door is warped, shrinkage after use time. Weather resistance, wind, storm … poor. High humidity also makes wood perishable. Many wood materials are used for furniture, interior doors, room doors due to the indoor space is not directly affected by the weather, the temperature is also more stable, not requiring high soundproofing, insulation . In terms of economics, the cost of this type of door is the most expensive natural wood door. To overcome the disadvantages of wood, people have launched the type of artificial wood. Although the wood material before being put into production has been treated to minimize the phenomenon of moisture absorption, warping, shrinkage, termite … but artificial wood door is not very durable type. Doors like aluminum doors, iron doors … Maintenance costs for wood doors are also more expensive.

Aluminum glass doors are used extensively to make doors, windows, balcony …

Telling to aluminum doors, this is the type of door is being used in the market because they have many advantages. Aluminum is known to be durable material at the same time: anti-corrosion, stainless clay, moisture resistance … With hot and humid climate, rain as much as Vietnam, aluminum is considered the most suitable material. Aluminum doors are also heat resistant, heat insulation and sound insulation are appreciated. Compared with wooden doors, aluminum doors are chosen for buildings and buildings, which are more durable and resistant to high pressures due to aluminum profiles. They are easy to maintain, low cost, easy to design and decorated many designs, patterns. Aluminum doors are highly valued in terms of strength. However, in terms of aesthetics, many people believe that the wooden doors inside the home bring the beauty of luxury, creating a cozy home than the aluminum door. Therefore, the type of aluminum door is considered to be a perfect solution to enhance the beauty of the wooden door, while overcoming the disadvantages of aluminum wood.

Cozydoor aluminum doors: Quality comes from the brand

Cozydoor high quality aluminum doors have long been popular; selected by contractors. Door type with wooden interior, aluminum exterior. This design “double” to ensure the advantages of each material, bringing aesthetic value and high economic. Exterior contact is aluminum, which increases the durability of the weather front door such as rain, sunlight, moisture, rust, etc. Wood aluminum doors withstand direct sunlight because of the external aluminum layer. durable. Wooden interior to enhance the aesthetics of the house, suitable for furniture and home warmth. Wooden aluminum door is a harmonious combination of wood and aluminum, with various designs such as square, rectangular, circular, semicircular … to create highlight, beautiful delicate for the house.

Cozydoor aluminum door: aluminum exterior, wood inside

Recently, Cozydoor has launched a variety of aluminum doors with a more diverse designs, which are produced according to the advanced technology of Europe. Unlike conventional aluminum doors, Cozydoor aluminum doors use premium aluminum profile bars, which are imported directly. Aluminum profile bars with modern production technology, are guaranteed the specifications are strict European standards. Aluminum extruded aluminum porphyry, with grooves, tendons, glabs to increase stiffness, increased resistance to twisting and tightening when closing. Outstanding is the face design with two tendons running along the body profile is very beautiful and thick. The high profile profiles help the door with good strength, high durability, sound insulation, insulation for the house. In addition, the ability to sound and heat of the door also includes the wood on the inside. The wood used in the artificial wood is dried in accordance with standards to minimize shrinkage, warping, anti-termite for the door. Modern press technology should not be exposed to grafts under the impact of weather, avoid hinges. Wood is carefully selected from good woods, no worms, wood eyes and beautiful wood. The self-healing UV coating technology makes the door surface smooth, no scratches.

Cozydoor aluminum doors with outstanding features: durable to the impact of the environment

With the technology of producing aluminum doors, experiences from Europe, through skilled hands, skilled workers, high quality wooden doors Cozydoor always bring to customers the products of good quality. Cozydoor also has a wide range of aluminum glass doors, glass rails, glass cabinets, face glass, UPVC doors … Come and experience the quality comes from Cozydoor premium brand.