Welcome to Nhan Thanh Phat Co.,LTD (hereafter referred to as COZY DOOR), which is one of the most well-known aluminum window and door supplier in Vietnam. 


The facade of the house is the first look and the first criterion for evaluating the sustainability of the house. Therefore, the high-end family products of COZY not only bring the harmonious beauty, sophistication and the control of the weather’s impact to the house but also the safety, peace and freshness in the living space.

The doors and windows of the house must be considered based on 4 factors: sustainability, convenience, beauty and economic. However, there is a problem for finding doors and windows which are ensure the above factors, especially the monsoon climate conditions with high humidity like the weather of Vietnam. Therefore, there are a lot of doors and windows degrade, warping and damaged after few years use. So the urgent need at the moment is to find materials which have beauty and high quality consistent with the weather of Vietnam. WE, Nhan Thanh Phat Company, has been through an extensive research and has been introducing the premium aluminum doors and windows named COZYDOOR to solve the climate problem and demand our customer’s needs.  The premium COZYDOOR products can resist the severe weather of the Vietnam’s climate, from the highlands with lots of rainfall to the sea areas with hot climates, or other areas with a very different temperature between day and night.

Cozy aluminum doors have superior properties due to a thick aluminum door system and a stable technology with a modern powder coating process.  In addition, Cozy aluminum has high mechanical strength so is not rusty, warped, shrinkage or expanded under the influence of the environment after being processed. Therefore, this key feature makes Cozydoor convincing all customers, including those who are most demanding. Not only that, Cozy aluminum is made from aluminum profile (which has heat-insulation or not) which combines with glass boxes, EPDM gasket systems and series of hardware accessories, so the Cozydoor aluminum and the large glass-aluminum wall system have an outstanding sound insulation feature that bring to the house a quite space. In term of the economic perspective, series of Cozydoor product’s value is acceptable that everyone can have for their houses and it is easier to reuse than other doors and windows made from other materials. In the ranking of the best doors in the world, aluminum doors are always in the top and trusted.

Aluminum is the lightweight material which brings to customer feeling gentle, elegant but sustainable and beautiful. Cozydoor aluminum is not only suitable for houses, departments but also villas, high buildings and constructions. Cozydoor also has an option is that if customers want their houses to bring warmth but withstand the impact of the environment; they can choose the Cozy wood aluminum doors and windows. Incase the customers like an open, luxury, modern space, aluminum doors and windows would be a good choice. Cozydoor aluminum doors and windows have multiple product lines such as: doors, sliding doors, sliding windows, awning windows, bi-fold doors…to choose. Cozydoors has a variety of doors and windows colors like: coffee, porcelain white, ivory, black, grain wood,…The cooperation of modern Europe technology and the skilled technical production team who were trained by Mr. Urano – Japanese expert with 40 years in mechanical engineering– that have been helping NHAN THANH PHAT, COZYDOOR, always ensure high quality products. Typology aluminum bar, accessories are manufactured on the advanced Europe technology constituting the completed structure. It is can be said that aluminum doors not only provide the overall space solution for houses but also contribute to enhancing the using value and connect separated spaces of the house.

A house is not only a place to stay, but more importantly it is also a home of a family. To accumulate for a house more beautiful is like you have contributed to your family warm and happiness.

COZYDOOR – Doors and Windows are trusted in Vietnamese market – always towards perfection day by day.

DESIRE OF COZYDOOR is to bring customers the best products with the range of features: