1. Excellent quality

With the quality criteria puts on the top, COZYDOOR imports European materials and applies modern technologies of developed countries for the production process. COZYDOOR has an engineer team who has many years of experiences and well- skilled, and they are trained with foreign experts, especially Japanese experts. The combination of modern technologies and well-skilled engineers ensures that our products are the best quality.


  1. Innovation

COZYDOOR offers a variety of aluminum colors with diverse designs, which manufactured by the latest European technology. COZYDOOR aluminum profile bars with modern manufacture technology are guaranteed the most stringent specifications in accordance with European standards.


  1. Advanced technology

COZYDOOR owns the most European advanced technology in producing aluminum profiles. In addition, COZYDOOR has an advanced electrostatic coating technology with time-controlled heating. COZYDOOR commits to protect all homes safely under the impact of weather such as rain, wind and storm.


  1. Environmental friendliness

In the production process, COZYDOOR always meet the strictest requirements of waste treatment and environmental protection. COZYDOOR employees, machines and products are always friendly to environment.


  1. Quality management system standard – ISO 9001 – 2015

COZYDOOR has achieved ISO 9001 – 2015 certification for effective quality management system.

COZYDOOR’s success today is attributed by the quality of its business, from the methods it is done to the standardization of customer service and the quality of products that COZYDOOR has offered.


  1. Brand prestige

The word “PRESTIGE” is always the thing that COZYDOOR has built and developed to reinforce its unique position in the customer’s minds. The experience from COZYDOOR is what has created the loyalty and long-term trust relationship between customers and COZYDOOR.


  1. Protect the Vietnamese market

COZYDOOR always attaches the importance to the quality of the brand, so we always provide our customers the most standard and quality products.

It can be seen that the competition in the market is happening between the big brands like from China and low quality products at the moment very exciting. However, the price of COZYDOOR products is always balanced and the quality is guaranteed are the one of the strengths of the company.


  1. Best support for partners and agencies

COZYDOOR has the policy of expanding the domestic and international markets to serve and satisfy the customer’s needs, the company always has the best policies and support for its partners and agents.

Currently, COZYDOOR has about 100 big and small agents which spread across the country and abroad.